Feb 19, 2008

A few exam tips

I toyed with the idea of doing the "matching" section first, however, I'm not sure that would help. I think the best method is really to start from the beginning and work your way through. Answer as many of the multiple choice and matching questions as you can before heading to the experiements. Anything that is unfamilar or you know will take +2 minutes to solve, I would skip.

Keep in mind that unless you are spectacularly fast, you will have little to no time to review your answers. Hence my advice to skip unless you can solve quickly. I managed to make it to the end and had just enough time to go back to one of the experiment questions I had skipped (though I had read the whole thing) and answer 3 more questions. Do not plan on "coming back" to a question.

Once time is up I would also recommend that you count how many questions you answered for an idea of how you did. If you answered >130, I'd say you're likely above 70%, provided you're fairly confident of your answers.

Good luck for anyone taking the test!

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