Feb 19, 2008

How much time do I need to prepare for the exam?

In my opinion, the time needed to preparing the subject test is up to your situation. If you can spend almost all of your time to study biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, etc., it would not be required one month or just little more than to overview all those fields. However, if you have limited time to study them, even 6 months could not satisfy you to figure out many fields of biology. Therefore, it should be considered in the basis of case-by-case manner; how long does it take when someone prepares the test. I recommend you firstly make a plan and choose text books what you should read, such as Biochemistry, Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics. After then, you can calculate the time needed to read all of the texts. (Or just some selected parts of the books) This plan will provide you some expectation about the time preparing your Subject test.

In my case, I needed 40 days to read 2/3 of Biochemistry (Lehninger) and 1/2 of MCB. After recieving the score report, I think that I should have read some Genetics textbook. In the test of April, 2005, there were lots of genetics questions!! (I got the lowest % in the genetics.) As I posted, my score is 630 (85%). I reglet that I had not prepared the Genetics and spent more time to study.

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